About Our Firm

Have you had a work accident?  Have you suffered a work injury?  

If so, you need a job injury attorney.  You need an employment injury lawyer.  You need a free workers’ compensation lawyer who will never charge you one penny unless you get a settlement.  The Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr. represents hundreds of injured people with Florida worker compensation injuries.  We represent people who have had an employment injury.  We are work comp lawyers.  We are accident attorneys.  We are compensation attorneys who work to get you medical care and benefits and a settlement.

If you are under Florida workman compensation because of a work injury you need a workers compensation attorney; you need a lawyer for work compensation.  You do not need to pay out of your pocket for workplace compensation lawyers in Florida.  Your workers comp lawyer in Florida should get a fee only if you get a settlement.

We represent people across the entire state of Florida, from Pensacola to Miami and points in between. Our office is located in Ocala, a beautiful city in Central Florida. Our law firm is dedicated to representing those who are injured at work and we seek to get our clients the medical care and monetary benefits to which they are entitled.

We are worker compensation lawyers who seek to get our clients a good settlement.  We are committed to working hard for each and every one of our clients. Our firm is dedicated to providing our workers compensation clients with excellent legal services.  You will be treated with dignity and respect.  We are workers’ compensation attorneys who will treat you as a real person, not just another case. William McLean has represented more than 7,000 men and women who were injured while working, and he has assisted them in obtaining proper medical care and/or fair compensation for their injuries.  He is a lawyer workers compensation.  He has negotiated thousands of good settlements for his clients.

Worker compensation in Florida is a very complex legal field.  You should trust your case to an experienced attorney in work compensation.  A workmans comp lawyer who understands the Florida workers comp laws.  Whether you are from Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, South Florida, Ft. Myers, or one of the HUNDREDS of SMALL TOWNS and COUNTIES ALL OVER FLORIDA, we will do our best to help get you the medical care and money you need.

William G. McLean, Jr.

I was born in North Carolina and raised in Ocala, Florida. My given name is William, but I go by “Billy.” After graduating from high school, I did not immediately go to law school, but instead I worked at a variety of blue collar and white collar jobs. I worked as a carpenter and as an iron worker. I worked as a public school teacher. I worked as a yellow taxi driver in New York City. I know what it is like to do hard blue collar work for low pay and no benefits.In the 1980’s I decided to go to law school and I graduated from The University of Florida College of Law in 1988. After graduation, I worked for a firm called Three Rivers Legal Services representing poor people in civil cases such as divorces, custody cases and landlord/tenant disputes.

In 1990, I began practicing Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. I have practiced workers’ comp law and Social Security Disability law ever since then to the present date and continuing.

One workman compensation Florida judge said that the injured worker without a workman comp attorney is as helpless as a turtle on his back.  The injured worker needs an expert attorney for work compensation to assist him or her.  The expert attorney workman compensation will deal with the workers’ comp insurance company people who have more knowledge about workers’ comp law than the injured worker has.

The goal of the insurance company is to save money on cases which frequently causes injured workers’ to not get the medical care or money benefits they need and are entitled to.

What we can do is assist our clients. We guide our clients through the workers’ comp system and ultimately help them negotiate a settlement to give them a nest egg until they are able to return to work.

If they cannot return to work, we can still negotiate a settlement for them and then assist them in a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. I recommend getting a lawyer early after you have been injured.

“We will treat you like a real person with dignity and respect and we will work in your best interest.” ~ Billy McLean


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