Dear Friends of the Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr.,

The summer storms are gone, we finally have had some cool dry weather, and the holidays will be here soon!

It has been quite a year. Donald Trump has pretty much dominated the news, but nothing much seems to have changed, at least for the everyday working women and working men whom I represent. At least Obamacare does remain the law of the land, which means we can continue to buy health insurance (if we can afford it) without being disqualified for preexisting conditions.

But no more politics, I just want to write this letter to sincerely thank everyone with whom we have worked this year for all your random acts of kindness and patience that you have given all of us at The Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr. throughout the year.

We thank you our clients for your patience and kindness to us as we work on your cases, and thank you for allowing us to represent you. We thank you other offices’ staff members for your kind courtesy on the phone and telling us to “have a great day” at the end of phone calls. We thank you staff members for making jokes with each other about your respective attorney bosses. We thank you everybody for waiting for us to return phone calls promptly, and we will do better at that next year. We thank you opposing counsels for listening to our arguments without taking them personally most of the time. We thank you Renee and Mike for cleaning our offices every week. We thank you mediators for the extra dose of patience and ingenuity you must have to listen to lawyers and claimants and adjusters telling you what they won’t accept and still getting settlements done. We thank you Martie for renovating and redecorating our offices after Irma. We thank you judges’ secretaries for kindly and firmly explaining what we really need to do to keep us from really messing up and to keep the workers’ compensation legal system moving efficiently. We thank you overworked adjusters who have too many cases, but still manage to see our clients as people and not just names and numbers on a computer printout. We thank you court reporters for being able to record testimony quietly and accurately even when sometimes two people are talking at the same time. We thank you judges for your consideration.

We truly do thank everybody with whom we work in our jobs in the Florida Workers’ Compensation legal system for your everyday acts of human kindness. Acts that not only make our jobs bearable, but make our work days enjoyable and sometimes even fun!

Happy Holidays!

Billy McLean and Staff