Dear Friends of the Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr.,

The days are still hot and humid.  But, I think I felt a touch of fall in the air yesterday evening. The days will be getting shorter and the nights longer.

It seems like summer just started with Memorial Day and then peaked with Independence Day. The unofficial end of summer is coming soon, Labor Day, the first Monday in September.

When I was a child Labor Day meant the end of summer freedom, the beginning of school and the beginning of football season.  Labor Day still means the same to many of us, plus a long weekend with a Monday off work.  I look forward to the beginning of football season, and to an extra day off work.  But, Labor Day means much more.

Labor Day is a day to honor the millions of women and men who built our country, and the women and men who work every day to keep our country strong.  Labor Day officially celebrates the everyday working men and working women of America: the waitresses, truck drivers, assembly line workers, teachers, fast food workers, secretaries, nurses, carpenters, police officers, garbage workers, paramedics, IT workers, care givers, yoga teachers, actors, mechanics, flight attendants, sales people, and on and on.

Labor Day honors our honest working women and working men, supporting themselves and their families.  They go to work every day.  They are subject to the whims and caprices of their bosses.  They are given lip service by politicians, who then pass laws that reduce their wages and workers’ rights.  In Florida, they are told they live in a “right to work” state, when even the most unskilled laborer knows that means “the right to be fired” for any reason or no reason at all.

And yet American workers persevere and they are proud!  They are proud because they know doing a job well is an accomplishment and a reason to be proud.  They know they earned every penny they were paid by their bosses and they earned it honestly.  They are proud even if their job does not pay them enough even feed themselves and their families without having to resort to food stamps. American workers are HEROES and they deserve our respect and gratitude….all 150 million of them.

I personally thank all the thousands of the working women and working men who have allowed me to represent them over the past 29 years.  If you or anyone you know needs a lawyer, I would greatly appreciate it if you would refer him or her to our office.  I depend on your referrals and I am honored whenever you refer someone to me.  Thanks and have a GREAT Labor Day!

Very truly yours,

Billy McLean