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At the Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr., our experienced attorneys have seen it all. Our firm has served our clients all over Florida for many years, and we would be honored to serve you as well.

At our firm, our workers’ compensation attorneys and paralegals provide personal legal services.  We understand the financial and emotional difficulty that you and your family may be experiencing. Insurance companies work to save money at your expense. Our Ocala workers’ comp law firm is aware of this and we will do everything in our legal power to fight for the benefits that you deserve and to get a settlement for you.

Your family will be treated with kindness, respect and common courtesy after your injury.

We value you as a human being.

Florida Workers’ Compensation

No one deserves to experience an occupational injury. When you are injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  You are entitled to medical care.  You are entitled to money benefits for lost wages.

To learn more about what a qualified workers’ comp lawyer can do for you, contact the Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr. for legal representation regarding workers’ compensation in Florida.

Social Security Disability Claims

Filing a Social Security Disability claim can be tedious, complex and frustrating. Multiple forms of paperwork must be filed properly and in a timely manner.  It can be difficult to understand the legal terminology and the percentages that are often listed in these dense documents. Without the assistance of a social security attorney, you may encounter a whirlpool of unnecessary obstacles during the social security disability process. At the Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr., our experienced social security disability representatives are familiar with the Social Security Disability claims process in Florida and will make your experience much less stressful and more successful.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents occur at unbelievable rates in the state of Florida. Negligent drivers often fail to meet basic driver requirements and follow traffic regulations. Whether you auto accident occurred because of an underage driver, the influence of alcohol, or general distractions such as eating and texting, you deserve compensation. Please immediately contact us to preserve your rights.

Workplace Injuries

Whether you are an industrial worker, construction worker, electrician, airport employee, amusement park worker, or a professional athlete, you are placed at a higher risk of experiencing a workplace injury. Excessive motions and repetitive gestures (such as lifting, pulling and pushing) and/or increased exposure to toxic chemicals can result in serious impairments and long-term harm. Workplace injuries are no laughing matter. You deserve sound legal representation after experiencing an unsafe work environment.

You Need an Ocala Lawyer on Your Side

Our experienced workers’ comp and social security disability attorney, William G. McLean, Jr., is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and fairness for all injured victims.  Mr. McLean has a passion for the rights of injured individuals.  He understands the obstacles and difficulties that everyday people often face.

Before he attended law school at the University of Florida, Mr. McLean worked within a variety of blue and white collar jobs. As a result, Mr. McLean has a valuable personal approach. He understands what it is like to be placed at a major disadvantage after a personal injury. Therefore, he employs the legal system to work in your favor, no matter how minor or severe your injury may be.

In areas such as workers’ compensation, social security disability, auto accidents, workplace injuries, and injury retirement claims, it is crucial to hire an experienced accident attorney. Corporations, employers and others who engage in negligent behavior are reluctant to provide an injured individual with compensation for his or her injuries, lost wages, and other damages. These expenses can be costly, and insurance companies will often seek to pay as little as possible. In fact, some companies may persuade you to sign documents and present you with a modest compensation package that does not meet your needs. Be careful not to fall into this particular trap.  Contact us to talk with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer.

Mr. McLean is well versed in Florida workers’ compensation laws and other injury laws. At the Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr., we will inform you, negotiate for you, and advocate on your behalf. Achieving a favorable outcome in legal matters can be difficult and tedious. However, with our legal representation, you have a greater chance of reaching good results, whether a court verdict or a money settlement.  You owe us nothing, unless we get you a settlement.  Do not endure this difficult time alone. Contact The Law Office of William G. McLean, Jr. today.


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